Rock -N- Noirror, edited by Todd Morr and Wolfgang Potterhouse

Rock -N- Noirror: Horror and Noir from the Seedy Side of Rock -N- RollRock -N- Noirror: Horror and Noir from the Seedy Side of Rock -N- Roll by Hector Duarte Jr.
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Ever been to a gig where the opener just steals the show? Wolfgang Porterhouse does so here with his punk rock From Dusk til Dawn style tale that contains visuals you need to read to believe. What follows isn't half bad either with Bodie Myers bringing a bewitched guitar riff and S.W. Lauden and Eric Beetner giving us band mates that are in way over their heads as disputes quickly turn deadly. Lauden gives us a flashier previously published at Out of the Gutter and Beetner presents "The Farewell Tour", where a dispute over drug money leads to the band's status rapidly ascending.

"Blues Jam" by Todd Morr brings us a Demon looking to trade you for musical immortality, but can you pay the price of admission. A story that definitely earns the "noir-ror" badge. Hector Duarte Jr. "headlines" with "Gone Viral", a prescient, speculative fiction piece dealing with the corporatisation of the CDC and its international equivalents in 2030 and the last known non-infected band, Gone Viral, and more specifically their front man Flair Gun Fleites and how he rallies against the band becoming bigger and sucking on the corporate teet.

This book hits at the intersection of things that I love and love to read about. It's wildly fun with great stories of the bands on the road to tide you over until they hopefully get back on the road.


It's Rock. It's Noir. It's Horror. It's Rock -N- Noirorr. It's seven tales of crime and horror from seven of the best indie authors in the worlds of crime and horror fiction set in the gritty, grimy world of rock music. If you're looking for glamor and fame don't look here. These are pulpy tales from the trenches where bands play in dive bars not stadiums and drive vans instead of tour buses. This is the world where the has-beens, the never was, the wannabes, and the occasional up and comer find themselves on the wrong end of the law or the wrong corner of the twilight zoneStrap in, turn it up to eleven, and enjoy the ride.


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