Author Spotlight: Andrew Davie

I read Andrew Davie's debut novella "Pavement" earlier this year and whilst I only gave it four stars in my review, it's one of those books that I keep thinking about. I've since read some more of his work online, most notably his short story from last month's edition of All Due Respect's e-zine.

In this, the first of my planned author spotlights, I have included my book review, stories links and thoughts on these and link to the writer's website itself for much more. Sort of a book review plus, if you will and something I wanted to try out.

PavementPavement by Andrew Davie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gropper and McGill are a PI duo with Gropper taking care of practical matters and McGill acting as the face of the business and being the one with the connections around town. They take on a case for Marvin, a motel receptionist, who has his cousin and other tricking out of one of the motel's rooms and at the nearby truck stop to catch a john who is beating up the on the girls.

This is fast paced hard boiled stuff written in the third person that expands upon the backstory and personality of all the characters involved and it is over all too soon. The third person is impressive in the way it builds the story piece by piece and you never get lost in the perspectives.

"Perennial" is a dark as sin short story that pulls off the same trick as "Pavement" in how the tapestry of the story is built moving from the edges to the meaty middle. If you're not sure about laying down the money for the novella, then I would recommend reading this as an introduction to Davie.


In 2018, Davie suffered from an aneurysm and gives his take in this short essay at the All Due Respect site:

An Aneurysm Is Nothing Like the Song by Nirvana

"Sissy Fish" is Davie's first crime story and pokes and prods at the tropes of the fictional detective while also bringing something transcendent of the genre to close.

Sissy Fish

"Alternate '85" has a look at what could have been if "Back to the Future" had been directed by some of the more iconoclastic filmmakers of years gone by and is a riot.

Alternate '85

And finally, "Liner Notes" is a look at the liner notes for the latest record by a band called The Co-Pilots, which left me grinning ear to ear upon reading. A quick, unique piece of flash fiction.

Liner Notes

More from Davie can be found at his website:

The sequel to "Pavement" entitled "Ouroboros" is due for release in December with a novella, "Dig Two Graves" coming in October from Close to the Bone books. Hope you get a chance to look at and enjoy some of these!


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